10th Anniversary Poster Competition

The University of Texas at Dallas is thrilled to announce the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of our bioengineering department! In its short history, the Department of Bioengineering has become one of the nation’s premier biomedical engineering research programs. The hard work and remarkable achievements of our students are the major drivers behind this research success. To celebrate your contributions, the Department of Bioengineering will hold a poster competition during the virtual 10th Anniversary Symposium, which will take place on April 8 and 9, 2021.

We encourage UT Dallas bioengineering undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to present posters highlighting their original research. Submissions should include a standard research poster PowerPoint slide (36 inches x 48 inches) with a three to five minute narration. The narration should essentially comprise an elevator pitch that addresses research questions, applications of research, obstacles, future research, etc.

We will have three categories for poster awards: 1) Undergraduate Students, 2) Graduate Students, and 3) Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates. Each category will have one winner and two runners-up who will be recognized with award certificates and cash prizes at the 10th Anniversary Symposium.



Graduate Award – 1st place $500
Graduate Award – 2nd place $300
Graduate Award – 3rd place $200
Undergraduate – 1st place $500
Undergraduate – 2nd place $300
Undergraduate – 3rd place $200
Post-doctoral and Associate $500

Poster Videos


Aashay Kothari >>

David A. Girata>>

Muhammed Shariff>>


Adil Khan>>

Antra Ganguly>>

Jeremy Warren>>

Kara Peak>>

Ka’Toria Leitch>>

Krithika Iyer >>

Nathan Churcher, Cornelia Greyling>>

Sayali Upasham >>

Somdutta Chakraborty >>

Sutton Wheelis>>

Vikram Narayanan Dhamu >>

Ximing Zhou >>


Claudia Biguetti>>

Maysam Shahedi>>

Judging Criteria

Research – up to 50 points

  • Objective and background of the problem are addressed.
  • Research is original and innovative.
  • Research has practical implications and is relevant to current industry needs.
  • Research methodology is sound (e.g. research process, data quantity is sufficient).
  • The result or conclusion of the research is clear and easy to understand.

Communication (PowerPoint voiceover) – up to 30 points

  • The project is clearly explained, including an initial problem or question, the process and the result or conclusion.
  • The research is explained in a way that is easily understood by those outside the subject area or without the specific technical expertise.
  • The presenter speaks at an appropriate volume and pace.
  • The presenter demonstrates enthusiasm for the topic.

Quality of Poster Appearance and Presentation – up to 20 points

  • Research is displayed in a logical way.
  • Data is displayed in such a way that lends itself to clear interpretation.
  • Pictures, digital images and graphs are of a high quality; text and graphics are easy to read.
  • Questions

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