Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to pursue excellence in biomedical engineering education, research and innovation for the purpose of empowering individuals to make significant advances in science and technology with a focus on improving human health. To achieve our educational mission, we provide students access to advanced technology and highly trained engineers in order to provide a unique environment to develop critical problem-solving skills, nurture creativity and become world class engineers.


We use hands-on learning with real-world relevance: Each semester students are presented with engineering problems and are given the training and guidance needed to create highly technical solutions to these problems. In addition to faculty member guidance, we have active participation with clinicians at UT Southwestern Medical Center and with members of The Texas Biomedical Device Center and industry, to ensure that our students learn the practical implications of their work.

The Department is housed in the Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB) – the largest academic building on campus. The 220,000-square-foot structure also houses programs in neuroscience, biology and chemistry to facilitate the collaboration necessary for real-world relevance.

Inside BSB, the University has invested millions of dollars in the research and lab equipment needed for a high quality biomedical engineering education. Students are trained on the use of advanced equipment – network analyzers, digital oscilloscopes and function generators – to design, test and build medical devices. Students also learn how to build software platforms around these devices using C, Matlab and Labview.


UT Dallas and UT Southwestern already collaborate on numerous research projects through the Advanced Imaging Research Center, the UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders and other joint research programs. UT Dallas will be creating an 8,000 square-foot center at UT Southwestern that will focus on the development of advanced clinical tools.