Center Point Symposium

Center Point Symposium: The University of Texas at Dallas

Center Point Symposium

Join us September 16th, at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center at The University of Texas at Dallas for the First Annual Center Point Bioengineering Symposium.

Biomedical Engineering exists at the intersection of the fields of biology, medicine, and engineering. The overlap of these broad disciplines, each of which encompasses multiple focal areas on their own, allows for increased collaboration and innovation in treating disease and improving the human condition. The Center Point Symposium is created by students for the students, and it aims to provide a convergence for practitioners in these subjects to join efforts and to spark genius in the next generation of research engineers.

As a geographical midline, the I-35 corridor serves as conduit to connect universities, hospitals, and businesses. Center Point calls upon biomedical engineering students, fellows, faculty, and more to come together for a local exchange of ideas and the further develop the BME network of the Central US.

For more information about Center Point Bioengineering Symposium please email: [email protected]