Degree Programs

The master’s (MS) and doctoral (PhD) programs in Biomedical Engineering at UT Dallas are offered as a part of a unique dual-campus program with UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The new generation of biomedical engineers will address fundamental scientific questions, provide answers to critical problems and develop novel applications with commercial potential. The opportunities for interdisciplinary research and coursework in several branches of engineering, coupled with the life sciences, will prepare the graduates of this program to address complex life sciences-related problems in novel ways and to create vital solutions for the future.

The objective of the MS degree program in biomedical engineering is to generate graduates who will be capable of undertaking challenging and complex projects. The primary educational objective of the MS program is to expose students to the latest developments in biomedicine and to provide them with the appropriate tools to understand and contribute further to these developments. The MS degree program will provide the necessary education and immediately applicable skills that will enable both recent baccalaureate graduates and experienced biomedical engineers to develop new life science related technologies and applications.

The objective of the PhD program in biomedical engineering is to produce graduates who can identify future applications in the field, analyze current technology capability and synthesize new solutions that extend the state of the art in biomedical applications. Combined expertise in electrical, mechanical and materials engineering, coupled to life sciences platforms, will allow graduates to create new tools, processes and implementations that provide solutions to more complex medical and health-related problems. PhD graduates will have the ability to evaluate difficult life sciences-related issues and create solutions for the future.