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The demand for biomedical engineers is expected to increase by 15 percent a year through 2020, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

The commission projects 350 job openings a year in industry, while many PhD graduates are expected to remain in an academic setting to conduct research.








Biomedical Engineering Fast Track Program

In response to the need for advanced education in biomedical engineering, a Fast Track pdf program is available to well-qualified UT Dallas undergraduate students. The Fast Track program is designed to accelerate a student's education so that both, BS and MS degrees can be earned in approximately five years of full-time study.

The Fast Track program in Biomedical Engineering (BMEN) enables exceptionally gifted undergraduate students in their senior year to include approved master’s level courses as part of an undergraduate degree plan. When Fast Track students graduate with a bachelor’s degree, they are automatically admitted to graduate school at UT Dallas without a need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Qualified students may take up to 15 graduate semester credit hours that may be used to complete the baccalaureate degree and also to satisfy requirements for the master's degree if these courses are completed with grades of B or better. So, for example, a Fast Track undergraduate who passed 12 semester credit hours of well-chosen graduate coursework with grades of B or better would have only 33 (total number of required credit hours for master’s degree) – 12 (graduate credit hours taken as Fast Track) = 21 semester credit hours of graduate coursework left in order to complete the MS degree.